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November 23, 2018 3 min read

Will an Ultrasonic Humidifier Impact Your Dog?

One of the best ways you can make a dry home comfortable is through the use of a little device called a humidifier. These come in a variety of types and sizes, use water to create cool or warm mist, and are a perfect way to relieve allergy symptoms, prevent static electricity, and even make your home warmer in the winter. If you are considering in investing in a humidifier and are planning on purchasing an ultrasonic one and are a dog owner, chances are you haven’t really thought about how running one in your home will affect your dog. In this article, we will take a look at how dogs can hear ultrasonic humidifiers, whether they are safe around dogs, and how to deal with a dog that does not like the humidifier's sound.

Can Your Dog Hear Ultrasonic Humidifiers?

Although ultrasonic humidifiers are quieter than traditional humidifiers due to the fact that they do not require a fan for operation, they do emit a high-frequency noise that your dog may be able to hear. This high-frequency pitch is made by the vibrating metal diaphragm, which is what is used to turn the water in the reservoir into mist. Despite the fact that we, humans, cannot hear the sound, your dog may find the noise incredibly loud if it is on a frequency they can hear.

dog in room

What Frequency Can a Dog Hear and Why Does Frequency Matter?

While most humans cannot hear any frequency that is over 20 kHz, dogs are able to hear up to 65 kHz which is what can make ultrasonic humidifiers loud and annoying to your pooch. When you go to purchase an ultrasonic humidifier, take a look at the box and find the frequency. If the frequency is anywhere within 15 kHz and 25 kHz, then your dog is going to be able to hear it. If you have an older dog, the top of their hearing range may be diminished due to age which will allow you a little more wiggle room, however, anything that has a high frequency is going to be a potential bother.

Is Buying an Ultrasonic Humidifier A Safe Idea?

Generally speaking, if you are planning on placing the humidifier in a room where your dog will not be in, then it is safe as it should not affect their hearing too much. This is because there is a sweet spot for dogs, For large humidifiers, where if they are around fifteen to twenty feet away from the sound, they won’t be able to hear it. For small humidifiers, it might be shorter. You can find more small humidifiers in WoW Trendy Life. If you are planning on getting a humidifier to help calm your pooch down; some devices are meant to encourage dogs to stop barking, please be aware that there is some controversy around whether this works as the high-pitched frequencies will affect each dog differently.

How to Tell If Your Dog Can Hear It or Not?

One way to tell if your dog can hear the humidifier is to turn it on when your dog is barking at the door and see if they suddenly stop. If your dog continues to bark, they may not be able to hear the humidifier or it may not be at a high enough frequency for it to be bothersome. If your dog no longer barks and gets silent, this may be because the humidifier is causing them irritation. Some dogs won’t just go silent and will actually begin to whine or look to be out of sorts. Some other signs are raised ears, whimpering, keen listening, leaving the room, moving their ears around to find the sound, seeming confused, or behaving differently than normal. If this is occurring then your dog can definitely hear the humidifier. If your dog is reacting to the sound, then you should separate them from the device, only use it when they are not in the room, and consider returning it if it really bothers them.

dog looking at you

All in all, if you are looking to purchase or have purchased an ultrasonic humidifier, the best thing you can do is keep your dog away from the room you are placing it in. This will ensure that the sound of the humidifier doesn’t hurt their ears or bother them while it is running. If you are planning to run it overnight or leave it on during the day due to colder climates, the same recommendation applies. Watch the detail parameters before you buy it.

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